Offering Convenient Storage Solutions
Designed to Make Your Life Easier

At A&E Relocation, we have people and businesses approach us for our storage services for many different reasons. Some people need to move temporarily and want to store an apartment’s worth of stuff. Some businesses need temporary storage during their commercial moves. Oftentimes we have people embarking on temporary or long-term residential moves and require temporary storage for many of their possessions.

That’s why A&E Relocation Services, a Mayflower Transit affiliate, offers flexible moving and storage services designed to work with your unique storage or moving needs. We can assist you in the storage of your belongings, whether it is extra furniture, household goods, office furniture, business records or any other item.

Competitively Priced Storage-in-Transit Services

Many of our moving clients find themselves in a situation where their newly purchased home isn’t move-in ready, or they need to store some of their belongings from their current home while it’s on the market. Storage-in-transit is a moving industry term meaning temporary storage of property before it is moved on to its final destination, you’re new home. This isn’t traditional storage where you have to sign up for a contract for a certain number of months, instead it’s rolled into the rest of your moving services and quoted out by number of days with no added fees or early cancellation penalties.

Clean, Secure and on Your Time

Our moving and storage company’s warehouse offers short-term or long-term storage options to safely cache your goods. We pride ourselves in keeping clean units so you have a storage experience free of regrets or damaged possessions. Our units are convenient and secure to give you ease of use and ensure your peace-of-mind.

We take our reputation seriously at A&E Relocation, which is why we strive to provide the absolute best storage experience for our customers in the Western Washington area. If you ever experience anything less than exceptional service from one of our storage or moving professionals, we want to hear about it.

Contact us today if you are interested in letting us take care of your storage needs.